Why Linguatext?

Unfortunately, the translation market is not regulated and is saturated with self-styled translators delivering poor translations at knockdown prices. If the project manager at a translation agency or the customer cannot speak the target language flawlessly, how can they be sure of the quality of a translation? Our commitment to quality, accuracy and consistency of style ensures that your English-language publications meet the same high standards you apply to your German publications.

Here are the reasons why we think our approach to translation works best:



By specialising in one language combination and keeping the vast bulk of our work in-house, we can pool our talents and experience to deliver the ultimate quality in the most efficient way possible.

More importantly, we all translate into our native language and our translators are all university educated. The translations we deliver are always native speaker standard – but our benchmark is much higher than that.



Because we are an in-house team, our expert project managers have much more flexibility in organising our workload. Our project managers and translators also work – literally – side by side. We use state-of-the-art computer-aided translation software and have direct access to our own library of technical dictionaries. Our translators are experienced and with experience comes speed – without sacrificing quality. All that enables us to react to your translation needs extremely quickly.



Every translation we produce is checked thoroughly by a second translator. Texts that are due to be printed and published will be checked by a third translator. That, in itself, is not unusual.

What makes Linguatext different is that, in 90 percent of cases, those translators work in-house. Our project managers know their strengths and weaknesses inside out – some translators specialise in highly technical documentation, while others have a flair for highly stylistic prose. We pool our talents, skills and experience and benefit from direct and detailed feedback from each other and from customers.

What’s more, we enjoy long-standing business relationships with the freelance translators we use, most of whom are former Linguatext employees.



We believe in charging a fair price for a high-quality service.  Does that mean we are expensive?

Not really. As a small company using predominantly in-house translators, we can keep our overheads low, while ensuring top quality and outstanding flexibility.

We will happily provide a no-obligation quote and complete a short test piece. We also provide an introductory discount of 20 percent on your first three orders.