Our Commitments

Everyone wants to make a good first impression and companies invest a great deal of time and money to ensure the style, language and content of their website, brochures, press releases, user manuals and other documentation reflect their corporate values. A poor translation completed by a distant subcontractor or an ad-hoc translator can ruin all that hard work and reflect badly on your company.

As translation professionals with a proven track record, the team at Linguatext takes great pride in its work and treats every customer and every project with the care and attention it deserves.

Value for Money


As a small, lean and flexible in-house agency, we offer highly competitive rates.

We can bill in Euro, Sterling, Swiss Francs or any other currency per line or per word.

We can also quote hourly rates for editing work. We have bank accounts in both Germany and Britain to make payment easy and cost-effective.



Whether you are located in Germany, Switzerland, Austria or elsewhere, we value you as our customer. At Linguatext, the customer comes first. We therefore have an exceptional record when it comes to punctual delivery, frequently delivering ahead of schedule. After all, we know how important it is to you that your translations are delivered on time. What's more, you can be sure that we'll be here for you - however tight your deadline.*

* We try to make the impossible possible, however, we reserve the right to apply surcharges for very urgent jobs that require overtime or weekend work.



You also want your documents to be reproduced in a style that reflects the original, is clear, easy-to-read and does not sound "translated". All our translators are university educated and work to native-speaker standard. All are expert linguists who have studied at some of the top universities across Europe and have considerable translating experience. This means we can render your press releases, marketing and publicity material into fluent, expressive English or German. We can also target your texts to both British and American-English speaking audiences.



We use predominantly in-house staff. This not only safeguards confidentiality, but also ensures all the knowledge and expertise collected through thousands of translation projects over more than 20 years stays in-house. We will build up a small team of translators with a style that best fits your company’s needs. This also ensures consistent terminology and style. Consistency is also safeguarded through our use of customer-specific terminology databases and SDL Trados 2014.



We are used to working with sensitive information and can assure you of 100% confidentiality at all times. With 20 years’ experience to our name, we are a company you can trust. We are happy to sign your confidentiality agreements. And we also dispose of waste paper correctly and confidentially through a specialist shredding company.



When you send a document to be translated, especially a highly technical one where even small errors could have serious consequences, you want translators you can rely on to deliver absolute accuracy. Our highly qualified, expert staff have excellent technical knowledge and our standards of accuracy are second to none.